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After my own personal struggles with two divorces, I discovered there were very few resources, communities, or content rich one stop support for people suffering through a divorce. It was frustrating to visit several different websites to piece mail the information needed. Have you felt the same way?



My mission is to share my knowledge with 25+ plus years’ experience as a Real Estate Agent and Certified Divorce Coach to save you all the extra misery that can be avoided! My goal is for you to realize you DESERVE and can HAVE the LIFE YOU WANT.

I’ve developed Divorzing an online show, private community, blog, and resources for your benefit. This is a one stop place for you thrive during and after a divorce.


·         Are you on the fence about divorce, wondering whether to go or stay and need assistance?


·         Have you made the difficult decision to leave or been forced to leave but don’t know where to start and lack the unbiased support to help you find the answers?


·         Are you aware of the most common mistakes in a divorce that can and should be avoided during a divorce?


Good news and bad news. Bad news: I’ve been divorced twice. Good news: My personal experience, extensive training, and coaching will give you clarity, confidence and courage to embark this journey and come out better on the other side!


As your Coach, I will guide you through emotional and practical struggles while working with you to achieve your personal, financial and life goals. Attorneys are great about the legality of a divorce. My agency will save you thousands of $dollars in attorney fees by delivering you level headed, emotionally stronger and right data to your attorney. 

After discovering there was not a community of individuals craving support before, during and after a divorce, I created a Facebook Community of people just like you, looking for the answers and community they seek from other’s.


In addition, I host an online TV show that was created out of a need for people before, during and after a divorce. We will share inside juicy information from personal experiences and experts so you can find peace, grow in your new life. Our experts offer practical advice in every area of divorce from financial planning to legal advice.  The best part, we present what can be an uncomfortable and painful topic with wit, humor and compassion to show you how different life can look for you again. 


Guaranteed each episode will deliver insight and inspiration for you.


Warning! Each show will be open, raw and real with valuable tips and authentic people. No more feeling lost and confused!  You will be an educated and empowered person to get through this, GUARANTEED!


My 25+ years in the industry allows me to match you with the best agent for your job from the top Real Estate Firms in your area. In a divorce situation, you need someone trained to handle the conflict and high conflict that can often arise in the process. 


Someone that is knowledgeable on tax implications, capital gain exclusions, buyouts, etc.  No more interviewing countless agents, repeating all the minutia of the interview process speaking over and over of your hopes and goals.  They will receive my full report and know everything about your situation so that when you meet with them, it’s now just about establishing price, determining their marketing plan for your job and finding the personality fit!  Saving you hours of time interviewing and searching the web to find the BEST person that will be responsible for the sale one of your largest assets, your home!


I’M A SURVIVOR AND BEEN IN YOUR SHOES!  YOU have now become my life work and purpose.  It is a goal of mine to gift 5 coaching sessions every month.  Within 30 minutes, we will discuss your biggest challenge and create an individualized “road map” for you to implement.  Connect here to learn more!


Your personal Real Estate Consultant and Divorce Coach and Cheerleader,

Dominique Nicole, CDC, HHC, CBPI