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“When I am asked what it is I do for a living and I say I am a Divorce Coach, people often ask me, “How in the world did you fall into that?”

Well, I figured there was a reason I must have faced divorce two times and it was no accident! There were things, lessons I needed to learn.  And when I got past the anger, hurt, fear, grief, doubt…and came out on the other side, happier, I knew I had found my purpose! And those lessons were not only for my growth, but for your’s!


All of this combined with my 25+ years in the Real Estate industry made for an interesting “opportunity”.  Hence, the Divorce Coach and Divorce Home Sale Real Estate Consultant. It just came naturally and “fit”.


And I LOVE what I do.  I love not telling my client that he or she will be okay and come out better on the other side, but actually helping them come to that conclusion on their own! I love to EMPOWER.  I love when I see “the light bulb go off” and the complete transformation in body physiology as a result. By just helping them recognize a limiting belief or pattern in their self talk that has caused them so much unnecessary and  psychological pain. What greater gift could I ever receive?


I am a two time divorce survivor.  I have been abandoned with 3 babies, without money, without a job.  I had given up my career once I had my twins. I was a successful professional from a young age and always independent.   I felt hopeless. I had pride and being so vulnerable and “needy” took a beating on my ego. The “other woman”, a knife to my soul.  And that was just the first go- around with divorce.


I bounced back not just once, but twice.  


SO can you! And I am here to teach YOU how to bounce back and uncover a better life than you ever thought possible! In a healthier body and a re-wired mind!  It does NOT happen overnight... I’m good, but it is a process and to do it right, to truly heal and be your best self, you need someone in your corner, with the right boxing glove!



As your Coach, I will guide you through emotional and practical struggles while working with you to achieve your personal, financial and life goals. Attorneys are truly  about the legality and business aspect of a divorce. The emotional piece is not what they typically have been trained, nor like to address in one’s divorce.  Enter Dominique. My agency will save you thousands of dollars in attorney fees by delivering you level headed, emotionally stronger and a credible client with established goals, to your attorney!


After discovering there was not a community of individuals craving support before, during and after a divorce, I created a Facebook Community of people just like you, looking for the answers and community they seek from others..


In addition, I host an online TV show that was created out of a need for people before, during and after a divorce. We will share inside juicy information from personal experiences and industry related experts so you can find peace, learn from our mistakes and grow in your new life. Our experts offer practical advice in every area of divorce from financial planning to legal advice.  The best part, we present what can be an uncomfortable and painful topic with wit, humor and compassion to show you how different life can look for you again. Guaranteed each episode will deliver insight and inspiration for you.



Dominique offers private coaching with custom packages based on where you are, and your needs in the process.



Please contact Dominique for a FREE 30 minute consultation to get going down the right path! 

As your Divorce and Empowerment Coach and thinking partner, I:


  • Help create a step by step road map for all the logistics of your divorce


  • Help you gain clarity if you are “on the fence”


  • Help you work through and manage the 5 stages of grief and support you through anger, frustration, grief, hopelessness, sadness, guilt and discouragement


  • Help you gain mindfulness to encourage healthy thinking while eradicating your limiting beliefs that are not serving you well

  • Help you get through the emotional and then business process of divorce intact and confident about your new life


  • Help you get excited about your new future and help you build the courage and confidence to life your desired life


  • Help you better communicate with and manage conflicts with your ex-partner


  • Aid with co-parenting options and help draft a proposed Parenting Plan


  • Work with you and your Attorney/Mediator to be certain you are meeting paperwork deadlines


  • Help you stay organized with paperwork and suggest efficient ways  to gather information your attorney will need from you


  • Help you identify and set your most important goals and desired outcomes to build you a custom road map for your own divorce experience with a goal of creating your desired outcome realistically


  • Provide many recourse needed from legal, financial, child care, etc..


  • Help you with selling your marital home to buying or renting your new home at discounted rates* with my network of Top 5% ranked agents specializing in your area! I do the consult and then set you up with handpicked professionals based on your needs


  • As a Breakthrough Parenting© instructor, I can help you navigate and problem solve parenting issues and emotions that arise.


  • Save you time and a LOT of money by providing all of the above in lieu of your attorney doing so at a premium! Pay them to do what they do best, look after your financial well being and future security!


  • My services do not stop after your divorce outcome.  I am hear to assist you in creating your new beginning and to help create and ease you into your brand new life!

We screen all of our own team members and referral partners to ensure you are getting the best results!


Fees are based on where you are in the process, what it is you are looking for and are structured to fit your needs and budget.


Fees will be discussed at the time of your FREE consultation.