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Whether you’ve been in your home months or decades, facing the fact that you need to sell and possibly buy due to a divorce can be a sad and daunting experience. I am speaking from experience not only for myself but for my clients over the past few decades.


Perhaps you raised kids in the home. Maybe it was your first home purchase. Or your husband carried you over the threshold. Does your home have Heights/Age penciled into a door jam. Does it hold memories of yesterday and better times with laughter, friends and joy loom in every room as if etched into the very foundation your home rests on.


This can be a highly emotional time and highly contentious even in the “best” of all divorces. There are tax implications that must be considered, capital gain rules and buyout options,  so that one party can stay in the home.


Then again, Do you really want to remain in the home or will it keep you stuck in your past and unavailable for your present and future? It can be a painful experience to go through a divorce. I have personally experienced two. Over the past few decades I have worked with many people who have gone through a divorce. I “get it”. With my coaching background, I can help you sort through these important considerations.


There are important questions you should ask a Real Estate Agent. My mission is to share this with all people; whether we do business together or not. Each and every day it is my goal to positively impact at least one life.  Neutrality in doing so is very important and as a trained Divorce specialist, I can help you both navigate a fair and equitable outcome! I work with any attorneys you may have to help establish your best outcomes and propel you both forward into your new lives. If you do not have an attorney, that is ok. You can select from some I have interviewed on my online Divorce TV Show.

What if you are not located in the Denver, Colorado area?


No Worries!


The Real Estate Consultant- Call me BEFORE speaking to a Realtor!  I am Denver’s premiere Real Estate Agent Matchmaker!


My 25+ years in the industry allows me to match you with the best agent for your job from the top Real Estate Firms in your area.  In a divorce situation, you need someone trained to handle the conflict and high conflict that can often arise in the process.  Someone that is knowledgeable on tax implications, capital gain exclusions, buyouts, etc.  No more interviewing countless agents, repeating all the minutiae of the interview process speaking over and over of your hopes and goals.  At our consultation, I will delve deep and find out what is important to you in the sale of the home; price, timing, concerns, etc.  I will do a full intake and provide the agents I feel are most qualified for your home sale, with my full report. They will know everything about your situation so that when you meet with them, it’s now just about establishing price, determining their marketing plan for your job and finding the personality fit!  Saving you hours of time interviewing and searching the web to find the BEST person that will be responsible for the sale one of your largest assets, your home!

Are you ready to connect? I look forward to talking with you in the near future to answer any questions you may have, and when you call there is never any pressure or obligation! I am here to serve YOU.


Dominique Nicole

The Dominique Nicole Group

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